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Browse over 80 of out original post and beam, log home, and timber frame custom home plans. The Log Connection has work for many year to produce the blueprints for plans and we ask you to please remember we have a registered a copyright on design and images.

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Browse over 80 original log home designs, from traditional to contemporary and from cozy cabins to sprawling dream homes.

Custom Design Service

Maybe you have been looking through magazines for months, discussing the pros and cons of various floor plans you have seen there and on the internet. Or maybe you haven't seen anything that is close to what you want, or to the image you have in your head. We can work from that, building a list of your requirements (both practical and aesthetic) and creating a plan that makes them come to life.

Drop an email to with any questions you may have. Normally one of our designer will reply to your questions within just an hour or two.