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Finished stacked log home in evening sunlight
Stacked Log Homes heading

Stacked log homes feature main floor walls which consist entirely of logs, stacked horizontally on top of each other, typically up to the beginning of the roof structure.
The Log Connection supplies a complete stacked log shell, similar to the first illustration below (click the Log Shell link). You will require a general contractor to finish your home to a Dry-In or Complete ("turn-key") stage.
The logs serve as the structural support, the exterior and interior finish materials, and superior insulation--all in one. Due to settling considerations, upper floor gable walls and dormers consist of log posts infilled with conventionally framed walls.
The Log Connection specializes in hand crafted full sized logs (we do not machine mill "log kits" for the do-it-yourselfer.) The building methods implemented today are considerably more technical than that of the historical log cabin homes (gray weathered) seen scattered around the nation.
At The Log Connection our craftsmen employ log home building techniques of the highest standards. Each wall is entirely hand crafted with full length logs scribed and stacked to a standard height of 10'-6"+/- (3.2 m). During the stack we employ careful details and components to ensure these log walls remain tight throughout the natural seasoning and settling process.
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