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Roof beams and posts#gallery 5d57989e-e1f7-4ddb-e4df-269f28e43653Roof beams and posts#gallery 949ea5af-f57e-e25b-2a87-367f979fee30Roof beams and posts#gallery 9685d9a9-99c7-f0db-3c71-d10d6cf41d85Roof beams and posts#gallery c85c706d-d911-fd6c-b1ee-14bd7d8a774cRoof beams and posts#gallery 12faa0ec-cc82-296d-c1be-7b74c9c3a8d4Roof beams and posts#gallery af253395-5015-8b1b-11fe-f940b3f66d98Roof beams and posts#gallery a22db4c5-5a0b-0cce-afdd-4828d3be8138Roof beams and posts#gallery e08f628b-b4d5-f833-ebab-ab9a725f3a02Roof truss for entry porch#gallery b598c7b6-62b7-1c4d-843c-bc601a024390Roof truss for entry porch#gallery 839a3c10-0fad-fcc8-7e49-48bfef22d7dcRidge beam and purlin#gallery 09a420b4-430c-6871-6e35-4cdf3ba4dc4cUpper post mounted on beam#gallery 0820f89a-a69a-ecb6-8b1e-58afbd360fe1Beams notched into perimeter beams#gallery 9ad441fe-e717-963b-10f7-e4f254f412b6Upper floor beam with angled dovetail tenon#gallery e04bb519-9b51-5845-3cb5-970727207ea4Upper floor beam with angled dovetail tenon#gallery 1e0a76f4-4c29-489f-313d-62f00c5df2b9Upper floor beam with angled dovetail tenon#gallery 4f21bab0-0278-c060-10eb-f24aff50a85cNotch and pocket for angled connection#gallery bd210a12-24a5-d7f0-0dd2-957ccdcbaaecNotch and pocket for angled connection#gallery e7aa5cf2-2c53-b641-4174-5b8ac9e03319Notch and pocket for angled connection#gallery 71e14c29-993c-409e-5a81-96fff221c943Closeup: slot cuts for frame wall#gallery f8b71181-196d-a3d1-ebe7-d4695eb543bfRoof beams and posts#gallery 0e6a281d-ddb7-f7f2-6d08-f39b9bb16c7eRoof beams and posts#gallery 75d4d58d-d8d2-08b4-9cb6-07a2dc8d9b1dRoof purlin with pocket for log post#gallery 10d2c7fc-c462-5d6d-abf4-9fb11ea210efRoof beams and posts#gallery 82c84e4e-e37a-1932-5b65-fc764b972438Roof beams and posts#gallery 1141ab46-6686-05ca-cf11-5af34285f9d8Closeup: angled slot cuts#gallery 6d743136-626c-9f66-8109-c8680e5e5331Closeup: angled slot cuts#gallery e54b03bb-bb6d-aee7-116a-a53e56de43afCloseup: angled slot cuts#gallery d654d57d-db05-32f7-10fb-960c47f28a8dCloseup: angled slot cuts#gallery b7ad3be2-29a6-2539-5b6d-40a25c79207fRoof beams and posts#gallery 08d390d2-252a-571d-80e2-98e6bc32cf12Ridge beam with pitch cuts#gallery 995fea50-0716-1fc1-0db3-0919b17efd82Roof beams and posts#gallery 4685c6ed-d879-5e4a-0900-c124e0c9c705Roof beams and posts#gallery 41a2dd8f-fb83-19c3-a419-e69f6712c6f8Main floor log posts#gallery ffbe34a9-9ef6-0fde-b014-8aa72c38377bMain floor log posts#gallery 8f8b3dbf-f17f-8d95-f0d0-6602e9debb19Main floor log posts#gallery b65ac811-1102-082e-7c69-a7fc851da29aCrafting log siding#gallery 5183d823-30c5-f462-382d-89f66a5ff14dLog siding measures 13 inches#gallery 0c12cd21-12d0-1e44-5e2f-16e64126b1b2Log siding#gallery 5d5da088-8786-ac7d-dd0a-3b9074e0a1e6Log siding#gallery 396479b6-6b1a-58ea-8ded-15e0dc7e74f1Log siding#gallery 99de51b1-132a-3cbc-4aa8-d2209f077e67Log siding#gallery 48361e80-0b27-135c-451f-90c723353d7c
Aug 21
Aug 6
July 31: Wall logs
Roof logs
Log shell

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