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MAY 4, 2009
Summer is Building Season!
It's time to start planning your dream log home. As a TLC newsletter subscriber, you have the opportunity of special pricing, and this month we are offering a 8% discount off of the current log shell list price for our featured design, the Cascade. (See below for details).
This Month's Featured Design
Visit The Cascade on our web site
From the spacious deck you can enjoy the view of your yard...and your house!
The Log Connection is rolling out new designs in preparation for summer.  The Cascade is a striking modern post and beam design, large enough to offer five bedrooms yet small enough to fit on a modest lot.
See exterior pictures on our web site
The welcoming entry porch gives the Cascade a street presence that will suit either a country or town lot
The open plan kitchen and dining area leads to a stunning living room with exposed log work supporting a high vaulted ceiling. Adjoining is a picturesque bay window, which is ideal for either a breakfast nook or as a casual seating area. Four main floor bedrooms accommodate a sizeable family, or provide lots of spare room for guests, hobbies, and a home office.
The log stairway leads to a large loft overlooking the living room. Completing the upper floor is the master suite with ensuite bathroom, walk-in closet, and even its own balcony.
Visit The Cascade on our web site
The living room features a dramatic log roof structure and a wall filled with windows
See interior pictures on our web site
A cozy nook adjoins the living room
At $98,000 US for the log shell package, this home is affordable.  Add a basement to this design and the options are endless.
Remember, as a newsletter subscriber you are eligible for an automatic 8% discount off this price! If you proceed with a design agreement during the month of May, your price for the Cascade log shell will be an even more affordable $90,160 US, a saving of $7,840.  Money saved is money earned!
Special Offer
for May only:

8% discount
Log Home Construction Close Up
Log Stairways

A handcrafted log staircase can be a gorgeous highlight to your log home. The style of construction can depend on the type of look you prefer, as well as space considerations.
An eye-catching style is the Scribed Tread (below), where the end of each tread is on prominent view and the stringers run below them. However, our prefence is the Mortised style, which features treads housed between stringers (at right). The tread to stringer connection makes the stair very solid and resistant to squeaking. And since the railing is fastened to the side of the stringer, it provides great resistance against sideways force.
Log stair with stringers
A "Scribed Tread" log stair, where half-log treads are mounted on top of full log stringers, both of which are scribed to fit. The railing is mounted on top of the treads
Log stair with housed treads
A Mortised log stair: treads are between log stringers which are flattened on the inside. The railing is attached to newel posts, which in turn are attached to the outside of the stringers.
Where permitted by space, planning considerations, and budget, a spiral stair (below left) can be a real conversation piece and center of attraction. However in many locations building regulations do not permit a spiral stair to be the primary access to living space. Because of this and other practical shortcomings such as the difficulty of moving furniture, we only recommended spiral stairs where there is another conventional stair servicing the same floor level.
Other custom stairs give our craftsmen a great opportunity for expressing their art. Character wood pieces can be used for railing newel posts, or even for support posts. And a curved stair--which is not the same as a spiral--can be a great accent to a large foyer or great room space. This type of stair is quite expensive due to the labor involved, but the end effect is dramatic.
Spiral stair
A spiral stair being installed. Here, each tread is attached with steel supports to a specially prepared log post. The railing spindles will be attached to the top of each tread.
Character railing post
A character newel post on a scribed tread stair. Note the treads are flared out to fit the base of the post.
Curved stair
A curved stair. Here, the stringers consist of glue laminated wood strips carefully finished to resemble a perfectly curved log.
Featured Product
Notch Hill custom doors Notch Hill custom doors closeup
Nothing sets off the beauty of a log home like wood windows and doors. For a number of our homes our clients have relied upon Notch Hill Woodwork to create custom wood windows and doors. You can find this company at their website:

Visit our web site:
Please feel free to contact our office at any time with any questions or comments. You can reach us toll-free at 1-888-207-0210, or you can reach us directly by email here. Thank you and have a great month!
Stephen Hancock
President, The Log Connection
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