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August 1, 2009
Summer is Building Season!
It's time to start planning your dream log home. As a TLC newsletter subscriber, you have the opportunity of special pricing, and this month we are offering a 10% discount off of the current log shell list price for our featured design, the Saginaw. (See below for details).
This Month's Featured Design
Visit The Saginaw on our web site
The wide covered front porch invites and welcomes your vistors
The Log Connection continues to introduce new designs for summer.  The Saginaw combines modern post and beam log construction with classic Craftsman styling in a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.
See exterior pictures on our web site
Convenient attached carport
The main floor features everything you need for day to day living. Near the entry foyer is a convenient guest bedroom which could also make a perfect home office. The nearly 30 foot long great room can accommodate two or three seating areas--one for watching TV, another for lounging around the fireplace, and perhaps yet another adjoining the rear deck. The large U-shaped kitchen features a pantry, and accesses the carport door and a utility-laundry room. The generous master suite features a full bathroom and a walk-in closet, plus its own french door leading to the deck.
At the top of the log stairway, overlooking the great room is a short gallery walkway which leads to two bedrooms. Enjoy a morning coffee on the cozy private balcony, which is accessed from the rear room via a french door.
Visit The Saginaw on our web site
The living room features a dramatic rock fireplace and vaulted ceiling
See interior pictures on our web site
The open kitchen and dining room area
Visit The Saginaw on our web site
Log stairway
Visit The Saginaw on our web site
The rear deck and balcony
At $83,550 US for the log shell package, this is an affordable dream home.  As with all our designs, you can easily customize it by adding a basement, or converting the carport to a garage...the options are endless.
Remember, as a newsletter subscriber you are eligible for an automatic 10% discount off this price! If you proceed with a design agreement during August, your price for the Saginaw log shell will be an even more affordable $75,195 US, a saving of $8,355.  Money saved is money earned!
Special Offer
for August only:

10% discount
Upcoming Events
Log shell being set up on site
The months of August and September bring the opportunity to see a log home being set up on a client's site.
In September the Log Connection has several customized versions of the Westbury being delivered to the following sites:
  • near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • in east-central Alberta, Canada
  • near Golden, Colorado
And, in late August or early September, a version of the Guesthouse is being delivered near Jamul, east of San Diego.
If you would be interested in seeing one of these, please contact us by phone or reply to this email, and we will let you know the exact location and date.
Log Home Construction Close Up

A natural focal point of any room is a fireplace. When it comes to a log home, it is natural to imagine a big stone fireplace with a crackling fire. Outside the wind howls and rain beats down, but you are curled up on a comfy couch with a cup of hot, warm, and secure. Modern technology presents us with several options to make that dream a reality.
Full masonry fireplace with steel insert
Full masonry fireplace with steel insert (photo Roger Wade)
Full Masonry Wood Burning, with either an open firebox or a steel insert.
One advantage of full masonry is thermal mass: it will retain heat and radiate it after the fire has gone out. However, heavy construction is involved: it begins at the foundation with a big concrete slab, and continues right through the roof. And if your log home features full stacked log walls, settling must be considered: anything above the main floor level cannot be attached to the masonry construction.
A manufactured steel insert makes the fireplace more energy efficient and cleaner burning. An open firebox lets a lot of interior air escape up the chimney, while the enclosed insert burns at a higher, and therefore more efficent, temperature.
A Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace is similar to the steel insert mentioned above; however the major difference is that the zero clearance unit can be installed into a wood framed enclosure. Combined with an insulated stainless steel flue this gives much more flexibility in placement, and its much lighter weight requires much less in the way of structure below.
Zero clearance wood burning fireplace
Zero clearance wood burning fireplace
Gas fireplace
With a gas fireplace you can be traditional--or go way modern!
photo courtesy Regency Fireplaces)
Gas Burning Fireplace can be fuelled by either natural gas or propane. Due to lower burning temperatures, a gas fireplace has the most flexibility of placement. It is also the lightest weight, again requiring less structure. Another advantage of gas is cleanliness: no dust or wood splinters to deal with, and no dirty chimney that needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid the danger of chimney fires. However, while modern gas fireplaces burn very efficiently they are generally not adequate as the main heat source for houses in cool climates.
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Please feel free to contact our office at any time with any questions or comments. You can reach us toll-free at the phone number below, or you can reach us directly by email here. Thank you and have a great month!
Stephen Hancock
President, The Log Connection
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