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November 2, 2009
Bad Building Weather is Good Planning Weather!
Winter weather is on its way (here in the mountains of British Columbia, at least).  But this is the perfect time to start planning for building a new home next spring. As a TLC newsletter subscriber, you have the opportunity of special pricing, and this month we are offering a 15% discount off of the current log shell list price for our newest design, the Birch Bay. (See below for details).
This Month's Featured Design
Visit The Birch_Bay on our web site
Windows and decks galore...take full advantage of the view and nature
Birch Bay
The Log Connection introduces another brand new design. The Birch Bay is a traditional family home that features space and luxury in abundance, with several log truss gable ends, a convenient attached garage, and an inviting covered entry porch.
See exterior pictures on our web site
Entry foyer from dining room
Adjoining the vaulted entry foyer are separate living and dining rooms, with a grand vaulted family room located at the rear. The huge gourmet kitchen features a pantry, island, wall oven, eating bar, and pass-through to the keeping room, all adjoined by a cozy breakfast nook with a bay window and a french door to the rear deck. Also boasting a bay window is the master bedroom, with a full five piece ensuite bathroom and walk in closet.
Visit The Birch_Bay on our web site
Grand vaulted family room
See interior pictures on our web site
Huge gourmet kitchen
Visit The Birch_Bay on our web site
Master suite with bay window
Visit The Birch_Bay on our web site
Convenient rear deck
At $193,150 US for the log shell package, this is a dream home that is not out of reach.  As with all our designs, you can customize the basement plan by adding more bedrooms, a games room...the options are endless.
Remember, as a newsletter subscriber you are eligible for an automatic 15% discount off this price! If you proceed with a design agreement and deposit before the end of November, your price for the Birch Bay log shell will be an even more affordable $164,178 US, a saving of $28,972.  Money saved is money earned!
Special Offer
for November only:

15% discount
Log Home Construction Close Up
The Nature of the Log: Wood Species

The very first step in building a log home is selecting the logs themselves. The most prized logs for log home building come from trees growing at high elevations in cooler climates, where slower growth rates mean tighter annual growth rings, resulting in a higher structural value. The actual wood species used depends a lot on location, because certain tree species grow in certain climates and geographic areas. For instance in our area of the world (western Canada) the most common species for log homes are Douglas Fir, Englemann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, and Western Red Cedar.
Douglas Fir
Stacked Log Walls of Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir is a very strong wood with a rich reddish heartwood and straight grain. Due to its high strength and its good resistance to mildew and fungus, Douglas Fir is a perfect choice for both wall logs and beams and joists. Many log home companies (the Log Connection included) prefer to use Douglas Fir for beams and key structural posts.
For full stacked walls it is slightly more expensive than Engelmann Spruce, plus its extra weight may make transportation costs slightly higher. Also, since it is very dense it does not provide as much insulating value as a similar sized log of spruce or cedar.
Engelmann Spruce
Stacked Log Walls of Engelmann Spruce
Engelmann Spruce
The main advantages of Engelmann Spruce are its bright color, large diameter, and minimal taper. Its color allows it to take a light colored finish which on a full stacked log home considerably brightens the interior while still allowing the wood texture to show through. It is also ideal for stacked log homes because the species' lighter weight provides more insulation and may lower shipping costs.
The main disadvantage of spruce is its low structural strength, which limits its usability for roof and upper floor beams. Also it is important to protect this species from weather by both good roof overhang design and regular maintenance of the finish.
Western Red Cedar
Stacked Log Walls of Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar has a reddish to dull brown heartwood. It is very resistant to decay, and features generally straight grain with uniform texture. Other advantages are low shrinkage and light weight, plus a pleasant natural aroma.
Currently cedar is significantly more expensive than either Douglas Fir or Englemann Spruce. Also, cedar is moderately soft and provides low strength when used as beams, so (as noted above) we recommend Douglas Fir for roof and upper floor beams. Visually, the two species complement each other especially when finished similarly.
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Please feel free to contact our office at any time with any questions or comments. You can reach us toll-free at the phone number below, or you can reach us directly by email here. Thank you and have a great month!
Stephen Hancock
President, The Log Connection
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