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February 1, 2010
A New Decade Means it's Time for...a New Web Site!
At the Log Connection we are constantly striving to improve our web site. To celebrate the new year (and the new decade) we decided to completely re-do it! A new format, many new pages, new features, plus (by popular demand) the return of the Material Package options to the on-line Price Quote.
Read in more detail below, or jump right to the new web site!
News and Events: The New Log Connection Web Site
New: Take Your Choice of 4 Log Building Styles for Any Plan

The Log Connection has long been a leader in both the Stacked Log Wall and the Post and Beam Log styles, offering a large selection of plans in each style. Now, we have added Timber Frame and Fusion Style.
Click here to visit the Log Styles section
Plus, we are offering all of our 74 home plans in your choice of any of the four styles. Select a floor plan you like from our Gallery of Plans, then click the Pricing Options and Instant Quotes button and select your favorite style for an instant on-line price quote.
image: Price quote building style options
image: Building Styles
New Section: Timber Frame Homes

Old-world framing skills are alive and well! Traditional timber frame consists of a series of "bents", which are complete sections of the timber frame much like a large truss, typically rising to a vaulted peak.
Connections are typically mortise and tenon, in which the wood pieces are secured by hardwood dowels or pegs.
Click here to visit the Timber Frame section
image: Timber frame bents

New Section: Fusion Log Building

Fusion style is a combination of two or more of other styles, most commonly stacked log walls with round log post and beam highlighted by timber framing accents.
With this style, you can combine the best features of the three other styles for a visually striking home.
Click here to visit the Fusion Log section
image: Log posts with timber style brackets

The Material Package is Back!

By popular demand, the on-line price quote once again offers the dry-in material package.
Choose your options for materials such as roofing, wall framing, and exterior wall finishes. Almost everything you will need to take your home to a weather-tight or "dry-in" state is available for your choice.
Select a floor plan you like from our Gallery of Plans, then click the Pricing Options and Instant Quotes button to try it out!
image: Material package options
And Yet More New Sections:

Common Questions & Answers
You are ready to call us, and you have prepared a long list of questions. Check out this page; chances are several of them will be here, plus ones you hadn't thought of. Then, when you do call us, you will sound like an expert!
Click here to visit the Q & A section
image: Common Q + A
Newsletters and Specials
Maybe you only signed up recently for our newsletter? Here, you can read the ones you missed. Also, we will occasionally offer news and special offers.
Click here to visit the News & Specials section
image: News and Specials
Testimonials and Accolades
Get the scoop from our past clients...their experience with their particular home and site. Maybe they will mention something you hadn't thought of!
Also, check out our award winning homes.
Click here to visit the Testimonials & Accolades section
image: Testimonials
Visit our web site:
Please feel free to contact our office at any time with any questions or comments. You can reach us toll-free at the phone number below, or you can reach us directly by email here. Thank you and have a great month!
Stephen Hancock
President, The Log Connection
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