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March 1, 2010
Spring is Just Around the Corner!
Here in British Columbia, the snow is usually melting by now. But this year, due to the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, down in the valleys there is nothing left to melt and the lawns are starting to turn green. Soon the weather up in the mountains will also be warming, and the streams will start rushing with the run-off.
And right after spring season! That's right, it seems like just yesterday we were Christmas shopping, and now it is time to get ready to build. So we thought we would showcase one of the homes that is on track to becoming our most requested design: the Blue Ridge.
And to get the new season rolling, we are offering special pricing for this month only. We are reducing the price of the Blue Ridge log shell to $130,500** US. That is a saving of over $23,500 off the standard log shell price of $154,457!
MARCH SPECIAL: Blue Ridge Log Shell
$130,500 us $23,500
[** Offer valid if you proceed with a design agreement and pay 10% down before March 31, 2010.
Stated prices are based on post and beam version of log shell.]
This Month's Featured Design
Visit The Blue Ridge on our web site
Windows and decks galore...take full advantage of the view and nature
Blue Ridge
This daring, contemporary design is quickly becoming one of our most popular log home plans.
The Blue Ridge features a dramatic, soaring prow front and overlapping raked roofs. Twin spiral stairs descend from decks off the dining and master bedroom areas.
See exterior pictures on our web site
Entry side
The living room is a visual feast, featuring the wall of windows and a log staircase leading up to a cantilevered walkway. Adjoining is an open plan kitchen and dining area with a covered deck. A see through fireplace separates the living and kitchen areas.
Visit The Blue Ridge on our web site
Living area from kitchen
Visit The Blue Ridge on our web site
Kitchen and Dining Area with see-through fireplace
Visit The Blue Ridge on our web site
Vaulted ceiling over stairway
Also on the main floor is a complete master suite with vaulted ceilings throughout. Upstairs features a study and third bedroom.
For the month of March only, we are offering the Blue Ridge in round log post and beam style for $130,500 US for the log shell. That is a saving of over $23,500 off the standard log shell price of $154,457.
[** Offer valid if you proceed with a design agreement and pay 10% down before March 31, 2010. Stated prices are based on post and beam version of log shell.]
Special Offer
for March only:

$130,500 US $23,500!
Our New Web Site
OK, this was big news a month ago when we rolled out our new expanded web site. But we are still excited about it, and in case you haven't checked it out yet, here are some of the highlights:
  • NEW: Timber Frame section
  • NEW: Fusion Building section
  • All 74 of our home plans available in any of our 4 building styles: Stacked Log Walls, Round Log Post and Beam, Timber Frame, or Fusion.
  • Instant on-line price quote available for all 4 styles mentioned above for ALL plans.
  • IT'S BACK! The material package is again available on the instant on line price quote.
  • NEW: Common Questions and Answers
  • NEW: Newsletters and Specials
  • NEW: Testimonials and Accolades
Visit the site:
Log Home Construction Close Up
Wiring and Plumbing in Log Homes

Electrical Wiring
Stacked Log homes require special care in planning the electrical design. In order to have electrical outlets and switches on a log wall, holes need to be pre-drilled for wiring chases. The hole continues up from the bottom wall round to where the box will be, where a rectangular recess for the box also needs to be created.
Another detail that should not be forgotten is flattening of the wall log so there will not be a gap behind the cover plate due to the natural curvature of the log surface. Since the Log Connection does all this work in our log yard while the log shell is being crafted, an Electrical Plan must be done before the log shell work begins. We include this service as part of our log shell price, seeking the client's input for location of switches and fixtures.
Picture: outlets and flats
Log wall with outlets and flats
When the log wall is re-stacked on the client's site, a pull cord is threaded through the holes as each log is placed. Then after the log shell is completed and the framing has progressed to the point where the home is ready for the electrical rough-in, the electrical contractor uses the pull cords to pull wires up through the log wall into each outlet box. When the wires are installed, the electrical contractor also needs to leave some slack when the wires are fastened, to allow for settling of the wall.
Picture: Outlet with pull wire
Outlet with pull wire
In a post and beam log or timber frame home, these procedures are not necessary because the infill walls are conventionally framed. However there are other electrical considerations that apply to all types of log and timber construction. For instance the client may desire a ceiling lamp or fan be hung from a log roof beam or joist. It is best to avoid this if possible, as running wiring up through the ceiling framing and then drilling through the log is quite tricky. However a pendant lamp can easily be hung from any log beam, as long as it is a "swag" type lamp, where the electrical cord loops away to connect to an electrical box located nearby on the ceiling.
Plumbing in a Stacked Log Home
Even in typical frame construction, plumbing in exterior walls is generally avoided because of freezing and insulation concerns. With stacked log construction, running plumbing pipes through the log walls is an even worse idea because of the added difficulty of repairing or replacing the pipes should it ever become necessary. So--as is a good idea with frame construction too--all vertical and horizontal plumbing runs should be routed through interior frame walls.
Special detailing is necessary where piping goes from the main level to an upper floor. Since the entire upper level can settle several inches, a flexible coupling must be used in water supply lines (below). And in waste (drain) lines, an expansion / compression fitting must be used (right).
Detail Drawing: Water supply
Water supply detail
Detail Drawing: Waste vent
Waste vent detail
Visit our web site:
Please feel free to contact our office at any time with any questions or comments. You can reach us toll-free at the phone number below, or you can reach us directly by email here. Thank you and have a great month!
Stephen Hancock
President, The Log Connection
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