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May 3, 2010
Blue Ridge chosen as Log Home Living Magazine Editor's Favorite
Home Plan of the Month: the Pinecrest, 3224 sq. ft.
Ten Common Myths About Log Homes
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[May 2010 Issue]
Blue Ridge chosen as Log Home Living Magazine Editor's Favorite: click here to view the full article...
Home Plan of the Month: the Pinecrest, 3224 Sq. Ft.  Click here to view the plans...
Ten Common Myths About Log Homes

  1. Log homes are not energy efficient
    Most of these rumors have been started by individuals who have never lived in a log home or are "concerned" relatives giving free advice to other relatives who are considering building a log home.... < Read More >
  2. Termites and other wood boring insects will be attracted to log homes and set about devouring them
    Wood boring insects are not attracted to large quantities of wood. If the logs are constructed of green, unseasoned logs with the bark still on the logs, then some wood boring insects can become... < Read More >
  3. Log homes are more expensive than a conventional home
    First of all, what is a "conventional" home? Is it a double wide or a modular? Is it a 2x4 framed home with vinyl siding? Is it a Tudor home with field stone exterior?... < Read More >
  4. Log homes are a fire hazard
    Again this is an argument that goes against common sense and logic. When you start a fire in the fireplace or build a campfire, you start with small pieces of wood.... not large solid logs. When a fire gets... < Read More >
  5. Insurance rates are higher for log homes
    This could be a case of some insurance companies as I have not called all of them. However, in my 35 plus years in the industry I have not been contacted by anyone who had trouble getting insurance... < Read More >
  6. Banks will not make a loan on a log home
    Of course there are banks that do not want to make a loan on a home that they know nothing about. The banks that we have dealt with get comparables in the area in which the home is being built so... < Read More >
  7. Log homes will rot easily
    Yes, wood does rot, but only between the moisture content of 30% to 60%. There is no such thing as dry rot as wood must be quite moist to rot. So a properly designed log home... < Read More >
  8. Log Homes require more time to build than a conventional stud home
    The log walls go up quickly by those who are knowledgeable about log construction. If the weekend do-it-yourself family does it, it takes quite a bit longer. Here is the secret to log construction... < Read More >
  9. Most contractors cannot build a log home
    This is not true. If they do not want to build it, it is not because the system is too complex but rather they are like the old dog that doesn't want to learn new tricks! In my many years of experience I have... < Read More >
  10. The log home is hard to maintain
    The first step in the maintenance of the log home is proper design... < Read More >

This is taken from an article by Clyde Cremer and Jeff Cremer
(Article Source:
Clyde Cremer holds a Master degree in Forestry from the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in New Haven, CT, and has over 35 years of experience in the forestry industry.
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