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Oct. 1, 2010
Home of the month: Bavarian Dream
Blurring the line between log and timber framing
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Geothermal Facts For Home Owners
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What if timber framers built a log home?  Recent homes using the 4SQUARE(TM) technique blur the line between log and timber...
Home of the Month
Home Plan of the Month: the Bavarian Dream, 3128 Sq. Ft. A home of splendor and distinction, the Bavarian Dream is one of our most sought after models.  Special October pricing: $183,980.00 ! Click here to view the plans...
What's New
Recent Post and Beam Homes Feature 4SquareTM Technique
We are always interested in refining our log building techniques. Our designers and craftsmen have recently completed some log homes using the 4SquareTM technique for connecting the structural log support beams.
The 4SquareTM method features 15 diameter and larger round log beams set at the same height and conjoined with specialized notches to provide a tight connection that is extremely neat and square.
You can select the refined 4SquareTM post and beam technique and have it implemented into any home design. You can see the exacting fits due to the detailed joinery, lap joints and precision cut dovetails locking it all into place. If you like both precision detailed woodworking AND full sized hand crafted logs, the 4SquareTM technique is perfect for you.
View of 4square connection: post, beam
Close up view of articulated truss support
Cutting a 4square notch
Close up view of 4square joist tenoned into beam
View of log beams with 4square dovetailed mortises
Many of these photos are taken from the recent setup of the Ziola residence.
(see many more Ziola pictures here.)
Desktop of the Month
Every month we will be bringing you a new desktop background featuring one of our log homes. But not just any desktop...this one is also a monthly calendar!
This Month: Your October 2010 calendar, featuring the Rosedale.
Sample view of free desktop calendar
Get your free desktop. PLUS!...Help us pick next month's calendar home. Vote for your favorite design!
Click here for free desktop calendar
Feature Article
Geothermal Facts For Home Owners

Many people have heard of geothermal energy, but don't know what it involves. In short, the Earth's core is quite hot - above 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit; geothermal energy leverages the Earth's heat and turns it into a usable, renewable resource for people on the surface. Understanding geothermal facts informs people of their options for home heating and cooling systems.
  • Residential Geothermal Heating and Cooling
    Geothermal energy can both heat and cool residences. The Earth's ground temperature stays at a constant 50 to 55 degrees year-round; it's much more consistent than air temperatures. Geothermal heat pumps circulate water through pipes buried next to the home. When heating, heat from the Earth transfers from the pipes to the liquid to the home. When cooling a home, heat transfers from the home to the circulating water and then to the Earth. The system uses electricity to move heat rather than to generate heat by burning fossil fuels.
  • Open Loop vs. Closed Loop
    There are two types of systems: closed loop and open loop. Open loop systems draw water from the ground, pass it through the heat pump's heat exchanger, and dispel it through a second well. Two or three gallons of water per minute per ton of capacity are needed for efficiently exchanging heat. Closed loop systems pump water through a continuous buried pipe system, which doesn't affect the surrounding environment. These are the most common.
  • Efficient, Cost-effective, and Clean
    The Environmental Protection Agency rates geothermal heat pumps as one of the most efficient heating and cooling technologies, both environmentally clean and cost-effective for consumers. Every 100,000 geothermal heat pumps installed leads to an emissions reduction of 2.18 million metric tons of carbon equivalents. This saves homeowners around $750 million over the 20-year span of the equipment, lowering monthly bills between 25% and 50%. It also lowers electricity consumption by 799 million kilowatt hours per year and lowers oil consumption by 2.15 million barrels per year.
Geothermal facts prove it's a superior energy alternative for the environment and for lower costs, but it's also well-liked by users. People who have geothermal heat pumps are significantly more satisfied than traditional electricity users. Polls continue to show that 95% would recommend them to family and friends.

This is taken from an article by Amit Raju (Article Source:
Amit Raju writes about the advantages of geothermal energy for, a site dedicated to residential and industrial geothermal systems.
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