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The Log Connection June Newsletter
CONTENTS November 2, 2012
Westbury: 2456 sq. ft.
Home of the month
November only! Save 20% off all post and beam packages Advancement of Construction Industry With CAD Drawings Social media links & how you can reach us

Home Plan of the Month: the Westbury, 2465 sq. ft. The Log Connection has made their most popular post and beam style log home this months feature home.

Homeowners are often first attracted by the dynamic modern roof profile, then fall in love with the open floor plan layout. The home turns a graceful 45 degree angle, making it perfect for a panoramic view site. That angle is also reflected in the raked prow roof gables which point towards the horizon on both ends of the home.



Save 20% off all post and beam log home packages...
We asked the question of our subscribers wanting to know what they wanted to see from The Log Connection. The reply was somewhat overwhelming with a post and beam sale being among the most popular request. (More photos being #2)

For the month of November we are cutting the post and beam log shell package price by 20%. If we have quoted your private plan in the past 6 months we will also cut 20% off any custom quoted log home plan.

This sale includes all design modifications of any existing Log Connection home plan or the preparation of a new custom home plan.


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Advancement of Construction Industry With CAD Drawings

Not much more than 40 years ago, engineering and construction firms had dedicated in-house departments that did all of their design and drafting work. For firms that were not large enough to enjoy in-house drafters, the work was routinely contracted out. Blueprints were created by hand using pencils and geometric drafting tools; the older generation of architects and engineers will fondly remember their T squares. For those who were not professionals in this era, it is still easy to imagine the immense amount of time, manpower, and money that went into creating drawings and blueprints, even for relatively simple works.

All of that changed with the introduction of computer aided design. CAD drawings had the distinct advantage of being able to expedite and even automate many aspects of drafting that otherwise took entire departments days to complete. A single person using the software package could create these drawings by themselves in many cases. While drafting departments slowly disappeared from the construction industry, a growing CAD library and technological advances ultimately benefited construction firms.

Thanks to the digital age, CAD drawings and even extensive works can be communicated between professionals around the world. Construction drafts became quick and flexible, enabling the industry to advance with the changing times. A feasibility study, experimental plans, or a change order could be conducted on a time scale that meets today's business and industrial needs.

Let us take a moment to explore the uses and potential of CAD drawings and the benefit of a CAD library for the construction industry as a whole.

Computer Aided Design Features That Drive Industry

Computer aided design now contains many more features beyond mere digital drafting. Today's software is capable of generating a three-dimensional rendering of a structure or building of any size or shape. This virtual model can be manipulated and viewed along any angle rather than having a series of drawings drafted from different perspectives. Virtual structures can be used to conduct feasibility studies and any other number of useful calculations to determine the risks of a given draft. Finally, all of the properties and dimensions on these drawings are easily modified to allow for experimentation, revision, and optimization. The full list of the features is awe-inspiring.

The library holds all of this information digitally. A worldwide file standard allows CAD drawings to be living documents that can be used as a basis for communication for sales, marketing, and the advancement of the industry as a whole. Drafts and plans are not stored away in a filing cabinet; instead, it can be freely used in future work.

Computer Aided Design's Many Uses

Computer drafting software can be effectively used in many roles at any end of the design and manufacturing process. Virtual drafting allows for an open environment for ideas to play out without the need for creating a series of prototypes or expending any tangible resources. CAD drawings are used in modeling nearly any industrial product, building, structure, or system that could be conceivably used in the construction industry. However, computer aided design's usability goes much further.

CAD drawings assembled into a library are an excellent tool for product lifecycle management, to name one particular application. The library houses an easily maintained record for document management and revision control. Any change in the planning phase or a work change order can be readily tracked along with the impact that change may have on the entire project. As the project moves from the design phase to prototyping and eventual construction, computer aided design drawings document all of the vital specifications in detail. All of these elements are stored within a CAD library to allow easy reissuing of old design elements.

Anatomy Of Computer Aided Design Users

Another way of understanding how computer aided design is used and how it has advanced the industry is to look at how many different people can utilize CAD drawings in their job functions. Architects use drafting tools to construct buildings, civil engineers use it to design bridges, and mechanical engineers can design industrial equipment. Engineers in all professions utilize this tool in the process of creating conceptual designs and corresponding scheduling and process control in the manufacturing step of industrial products. City planners and artists can use this virtual space to layout design elements and evaluate the aesthetic and utility of a particular layout.

Ultimately, these drawings and access to extensive resources in a comprehensive CAD library have been essential in advancing the construction industry.

FGreg Palmer is an author for Reid Supply, an industrial distribution company with a 60-year history of supplying customers with industrial supplies. Since 1991 they have documented many of their stock industrial parts with FREE CAD drawings for their customers and now feature an extensive CAD library. Article Source:  

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