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CONTENTS January 5, 2012
Astoria II: 1313 sq. ft.
Home of the month
Full time employment opportunity Log Home Maintenance Article by Juan Pierski Social media links & how you can reach us

Home Plan of the Month: the Astoria II, 1313 sq. ft. post and beam log home.

The post and beam Astoria is one of our more popular homes but the pre-designed stock plan contains some pricy features that look good but are not required structurally. We challenged our designers to make a new version that is more affordable without compromising the floor plan or the eye catching exterior design. They have created two options for the March Home of The Month.

Click here to see the floor plans, optional layouts and full package details



Employment opportunities

TLC is looking to fill the position of an employee that has retired after 12 years of full time employment.
We need a person capable of preparing the graphic design layouts for our marketing. This will include the monthly newsletter,  maintaining website, magazine adds and associated campaigns.

NOTE: The Log Connection website is a php base, scripted website that pulls data from csv files. If you don't know what this means please don't apply.

It would be a great bonus if this person can prepare architectural renderings for a new series of post and beam home designs. Rendering style and technique to be determined negotiable.

This full time position will start immediately!

This is an in-house position for the Penticton, BC office.
Send resume, samples or links to past work and salary expectations to:

The Log Connection
129 Nanaimo Ave West
Penticton, BC
V2A 1N2

Applications via email to:





How Spray Foam Insulation Can Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Spray foam insulation provides homeowners with a product that saves them money on their energy bills. There are several advantages to using spray foam polyurethane spray insulation over the cheaper fiberglass or blown-in cellulose. The leading companies offer closed-cell polyurethane foam as insulation to achieve an airtight seal that can save up to 50 percent on your next energy bill.

When an attic is not well sealed, the insulation becomes damaged and needs to be replaced, which is costly. The home owner will have higher heating and cooling bills as a result. However, spray foam insulation expands to 30 times its liquid volume, producing a 6.4+ R-value per inch. An R-value is a measurement used in home insulation that gives the units of thermal resistance. Sealing the windows, door, and other areas of the home not only reduces your energy bill but may allow a downgrade on the heating and cooling equipment. Reduce the temperature in the cold weather and increase it in the summer. Turning your thermostat up or down by one degree can reduce your energy savings by 5 percent. This is a further savings on utility bills.

Closed-cell spray foam polyurethane insulation will not degrade over time like fiberglass and cellulose do, so it is a one-time expense. This insulation will also increase the value of the home, as the rigid foam adhesive strengthens all the substrates. The walls of the home are strengthened as is the roof decking, which is another long-term money saver.

This type of insulation provides an excellent barrier against moisture and water damage. The air tight seal with closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation makes the home moisture resistant, so it preserves wood, which prevents wood rot. Wood floors are also protected, so there will not be a problem with wood floors buckling. This is another good long-term cost savings. This type of insulation is particularly appropriate for wet, windy and cold climates. Its excellent adhesion meets the UL Class I requirements while providing a constant air barrier. Another financial benefit is moisture proofing the home, which prevents mildew, mold, and allergens from forming. This will lessen allergies or asthma symptoms.

There are also other ways to save money on energy bills, such as installing a timer on your hot water heater and decreasing its thermostat. Turn off lights and appliances when you are leaving a room. Use energy-efficient lighting throughout the house for further savings.

The Department of Energy states that air leaking around windows, doors, along ducts, and other areas can cause a 40 percent heating and cooling loss.

Article Source:
Article Source:


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